Our Tips

Feeds and Nutrition

We start the day around 5:30am by initially providing all our lovebirds with a mix of chooped green pechay and carrots + hard-boiled eggs, and at the same time water with diluted bird vitamins which we purchase from Thailand.

After an hour, the birds get their seeds for the whole day that consists of Bird Seeds, Canary, Sunflower Seeds, and whole oats. In the middle of the day, we remove the water with vitamis and replace this with just clean water which will be good up to the following morning. Dried cuttle-fish bone is available all the time.

For pairs that have produced some baby chicks, we immediately provide them with hand-feeding powder/mixture for birds which the parents can start giving to their babies. The reason we are doing this is because after two (2) weeks from hatching, we harvest the baby chicks and eventually provide them food three (3) times a day by hand-feeding. Hand-feeding powder/mixture, pechay, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, and lukewarm water are the ingredients of our hand-feeding formula.



80% of our breeders are imported from Belgium, Holland, United States, and Thailand and the other 20% are from the top 5% of our own production. We import at least ones or twice a year to infuse new blood to our existing flock and to acquire the latest mutations other countries has to offer. As much as possible, we try not to do in-breeding or line-breeding in our operation. We prefer that the stocks/breeders we got say from the United States are only bred to birds we acquire from Belgium or Holland – import breeders from Holland are not bred to birds that originated from Holland. In this manner, there is a very little chance that we will be breeding birds that are related to each other. Out-crossing is our objective as we strongly believe that we can produce bigger, healthier, sturdier birds with this kind of breeding.