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African Lovebirds (genus Agapornis) measure about 13-17 cm in size, 40-60 grams in weight and characterized by a small, stocky build and a short, blunt tail. This puts them among the smallest parrots in the world although their beak is rather large for their overall size. Many lovebirds are green, although color mutations can feature many different colors like yellow, blue, and violet. Lifespan is 10 to 15 years. Lovebirds are divided into two groups, the white-eye ring and non-white-eye ring.





Peach-faced Lovebird
"Agapornis roseicollis"

Masked Lovebird
"Agapornis personata"

Fischer’s Lovebird
"Agapornis fischeri"


Nyasa Lovebird
"Agapornis lilianae"

Black-cheeked Lovebird
"Agapornis nigrigenis"

Madagascar Lovebird
"Agapornis canus"


Abyssinian Lovebird
"Agapornis taranta"

Red-faced/Pullaria Lovebird
"Agapornis pullaris"

Black-collared Lovebird
"Agapornis swinderniana"

Eight of the different species come from the mainland of Africa. The ninth species, Agapornis canus, originated from Madagascar. This is a very good reason why African lovebirds adapt well in tropical countries like the Philippines. In the wild the different species are separated geographically. They live in small flocks and eat mainly fruits, vegetables, some grasses and seed.